Reusable Popcorn Bag - Premium
Reusable Popcorn Bag - Premium
Reusable Popcorn Bag - Premium
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Reusable Popcorn Bag - Premium

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Our reusable microwave bag is made from 100% cotton fabrics and thread and is safe to be used over and over again. No more buying single use popcorn bags now you have an environmentally friendly , money saving way to have your popcorn. A sustainable alternative to individual store bought popcorn.

How To Use....

1. Please 1/2 a cup of kernels inside the bag pull the flap over the top to enclose the bag ready for popping.
2. Start out by cooking for 2mins depending on your microwave watts if you find that’s not enough to try 2.20 mins.
3. Keep your eyes on your popcorn and listen for the popping to start, you will always have a few Unpopped kernels in the bottom of the bag.
4. Once finished let the bag sit in the microwave for about 20 seconds this will allow any final kernels to pop.
5. Carefully open the popcorn bag and tip into your desired bowl.
6. Do Not use butter or salt in your bags save that for the bowl.
7. Sit back and enjoy your popcorn with a movies.