Staalmeester - Essential Paints Kit Brushes

Staalmeester - Essential Paints Kit Brushes

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Staalmeester - Essential Paints Kit

Five stunning Staalmeester brushes all in one pack. 5 high qulity brushes that work extremely well with Fusion™ Mineral Paint to give you flawess results. 

This makes the perfect gift for the furniture painting enthusiast in your life!

Upgrade your painting projects with this essential paints kit from Staalmeester! Enjoy great value with this pack, perfect for both pro DIY'ers and beginners. Unleash your inner artist and create stunning art that will last and stand out. Are you ready to create something beautiful?


In this Essential Paints Kit, you will receive:

1  - Pro-Hybrid Round Brush 

1  -  Pro-Hybrid Pointed Sash Brush 

1  - Original Oval Brush 

1  -  Fusion Branded Pro-Hybrid Flat Brush

1  - Unique Branded Wax & Stencil brush