Vegan Lip Scrub: Unicorn Dust

Vegan Lip Scrub: Unicorn Dust

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Our best selling lip balm made into a scrub! Smells like blueberry pancakes and scrub has a gentle pink colour. Don’t worry, this is a natural food colouring and won’t turn your lips pink! Made with moyaa’s ultra creamy, Grade A, certified organic Shea butter.

Using a small spatula (which we provide when you order), apply a pea size amount onto your lips. Using your finger, rub the sugar into your lips using a circular motion. Simply towel off allow that Shea to soak into your lips for ultimate moisture treat. We personally love applying at bedtime so the Shea can absorb overnight.

INGREDIENTS | organic golden cane sugar | fair trade grade A shea butter vanilla fragrance oil | 60ml | vegan

Created By Lip Service Beauty