Wylie Vase Clear - Everlasting Candle
Wylie Vase Clear - Everlasting Candle

Wylie Vase Clear - Everlasting Candle

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Pampas - A dream on the horizon. A creamy neutral translucent vase that provides a subtle hint of delicacy to any home décor.

Inspired by the celebrations of life, this translucent coloured collection evokes emotion and memories while providing a hint of colour to your everyday décor. Entire collection compliments all 5 candle colours effortlessly.

We understand how important it is to know the products you're burning in your home are clean, smoke free and don't produce soot, which is why Everlasting Candle exclusively uses clean burning Pristine Oil®, with each bottle providing 50 hours of candlelight ambience.

Light your candle, relax and enjoy the beautiful ambience with peace of mind knowing you're having the unforgettable wellness experience you deserve.

Gone are the days of saving candles for special occasions - with a candle that never melts, make every day special.

Everlasting Candles: 8"
Wylie Vase: 4.75 x 2.5"
Pristine Oil: 16 oz.

Product Highlights

  • Custom design
  • Handblown glass
  • Statement piece